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What is Sex Therapy:

I think it is important to start with what sex therapy is NOT:  Sex therapy never involves sex.  There is never any sexual activity that takes place in a therapist's office and there is absolutely never any sexual activity that takes place with a sex therapist or with a sex therapist present.

Sex Therapy is psychotherapy that focuses on specific concerns related to human sexuality. Sex Therapists use specialized clinical skills and theoretical knowledge to help people solve their sexual problems. 

As a Sex Therapist, I specialize in treating a variety of sexual issues, including: Low Desire. Mismatched sexual desire and other sexual issues with couples. Medical issues and treatment that effect sex and sexuality including treatment of gynecologic cancers and breast cancer. Pelvic pain. Infertility. Menopause. Effects of sexual abuse and sexual assault concerns with sexual desire, functioning & orgasm. Issues related to gender identity. Issues related to sexual orientation. Overall sexual health education and reproductive concerns.

I use a bio/psycho/social approach to the assessment and treatment of sexual problems. This means evaluating how physical – including medical conditions & treatment and aging processes; psychological – such as mood disorders, trauma and emotional vulnerabilities; and social – including relationship instability and life transitions, separately or collectively affect your sexual functioning. Treatment is multi-disciplinary, meaning I usually exchange information with other providers, including individual therapists and healthcare professionals. Integrated care that gathers perspectives of various care providers generally results in a better outcome. Finally, while there is often a distinction made between sex therapy and typical couple counseling (most couple therapists receive no formal training in addressing sexual health and dysfunction).  Because I am a trained therapist with extensive education in sexual health issues, I provide a unique service to my clients.