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Individual & Couples Counseling

I have worked with both couples and individuals on a variety of issues over the years.  Some individuals come to therapy to seek advice on how to better get to know themselves and understand their relationships.  Others would just like to learn how to appreciate themselves and what they have to offer to the world in general.  Sometimes couples come to see me after a discovery of an affair, or are contemplating divorce.  I have also worked with couples on parenting issues and how to adjust their relationship expectations around life transitions.  Whatever the issue that brings you to therapy, know that your concerns are important to me in designing the work we will do together.  

My influences for couples work include John & Julie Gottman PhD from the Gottman Institute. Dr. Susan Johnson PhD who wrote the influential book, "Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love."

My skills as a social worker have also been helpful with individuals who are suffering from depression and anxiety.  Often times symptoms of depression and anxiety prevent individuals from developing the relationship they want, whether that be a home or at work.  During our sessions together I work with you to develop techniques to help better manage whatever life issues have been creating road blocks in your life.  These techniques are often referred to as cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

I have also worked extensively with individuals who have experienced trauma, domestic violence in their relationships as well as dealing with issues around self-esteem and self-worth.